Waterproof mattress protective pads


Waterproof Protective Mattress Pad Cover 60 x 120 cm for Baby to the Cot
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Hand-stew Waterproof Mattress Protector
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Moms having little children know very well what we are talking about. To help (not only) them, we offer a hand-weaved waterproof overlay which won’t let any liquids through it, and which serves as ventilation as well. With the aid of elastic bands, you will easily fasten it to the mattress and whenever needed, you can wash it in the washing machine at 90°. It is suitable for both kids and adults, which makes it a perfect and reliable tool for households, kindergartens or medical facilities. Choose among 15 different sizes raging from the length of 160 cm up to 200 cm.

Above-standard warranty up to 3 years as a bonus
Czech family manufacture of the Pomp brothers
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Own production and delivery straight to your customer
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