FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Technical questions 

What kinds of wood are our beds made of?

One of the most suitable and most commonly used kinds of wood for producing beds – and not only for kids – are pine and spruce wood. At the very beginning of our production, we used to make all beds of pine. In the course of time – while getting more and more experience – we switched to spruce for several reasons. Firstly, wood of spruce is more stable in terms of colours even without surface finish.  In contrast, wood of pine tends to change its colour with time. Spruce wood is lighter, which positively affects manipulation with it and the total weight of package. Last but not least, wood of spruce is more often available in a suitable size (certified squared timber), which enables us to shorten delivery times of our beds and you can make your little tot happy in the shortest period of time since the order.

Custom adjustable beds

In order to reach higher production capacity and to establish a warehouse which ensures shorter delivery times, we have switched to series production of our beds. To be maximally effective, we do not provide customers with any individual adjustments. However, if you wish to modify any of our existing models, contact us and we will try to find the best solution together. Concerning the beds’ construction, these are designed so that it is possible to interchange a lot of their parts, which leads to more and more new models. And therefore, your potentially required adjustment might be feasible to some extent.

What bed size should we get a child who switches from a baby cot?

If you think that your child will quickly grow out of his or her house bed and will want a bed with different motives, we recommend buying one which is no more than 160-180 cm long. It will be suitable until the age of 13. This solution is perfect especially for those of you who tend to suffer from space limitations in the children’s room. Another aspect that should be considered is the comfort.

If you plan to put your child to sleep and read him or her fairy tales or to stay with your kid while being ill, the length of 160 cm might not be too comfortable. The best solution is to get your child a 200 cm long bed at very young age. Concerning specifically house beds, which serve as a spacious playground during the day, you can add many features to them at night, such as pillows, plush toys or security measures involving for example side rails which protect your child from getting hurt at night.

Is it possible to provide your bed with functional and practical attachments?

Our children’s beds grow the same as your child grows. Most of our beds have a bed frame at the height of 25 cm above the floor. It enables the children to easily get in and out of the bed. Moreover, the lowered bed frame is safer in case of falling out of the bed at night. When your child gets older and will no more need the lowered bed, you do not necessarily need to buy a new one if your kid likes the existing one. Each of our beds can be equipped with additional bed legs FOOTS which are easy to install and can make the bed 20 cm higher.

A perfect solution for both single beds and double beds. The moment you install these additional bed legs, you will immediately get enough space for the 2IN1 storage drawer, hoover or boxes full of different things. And what about safety features? These are variable, too! Removable side rails SAFETY or TRUSTY can be easily replaced, removed or put back whenever needed.

Is it possible to widen your beds to have an extra bed?

Each bed can be equipped with a drawer that has two main functions – it can serve as an extra bed or a storage space. The drawer is made of the same frame as the bed; however, it is not standing on fixed legs but on heavy-duty wheels for easy manipulation. The drawer also includes slatted bed base and therefore, it is possible to put mattress in it and ensure your quests a good-quality sleep. And how to place the drawer under our low bed? It is very simple. If you have a bed without extra legs, get additional FOOTS to the drawer, which you can easily screw to your bed and you will get ideal space for both drawers.

Do you also sell mattresses? What is their optimal height concerning your beds?

We extended the assortment of beds with high-quality mattresses made in the Czech Republic which are offered in the same sizes as our beds’ inner sizes. Thanks to this, you can easily buy both your dreamed-of bed and unique mattress. Our mattresses have a height of 17 cm (involving removable overlay). The total height of mattresses was defined on the basis of the beds’ construction. We do not recommend buying a mattress which is less than 15 cm high. In case of mattresses higher than 25 cm, installation of side rails would be useless.

Do you sell only naturally designed beds?

Either you can opt for the natural design or choose among 3 different colour shades of natural and anti-allergy lacquers: white, grey or transparent one which serves as wood protection. To keep the wood structure visible, the furniture is lacquered with water-based lacquers. Wood is a beautiful material which deserves to be seen.

Does the transparent lacquer create a glossy layer?

We work with natural transparent oils which are applied with the aid of brush so that we could enable our customers to come into contact with natural surface of wood. The transparent oil will be soaked into the wooden surface, will create a protective filter which prevents the wood from fouling.

One roof slat to the bed TERY

The bed TERY is always supplied with two roof slats and it is up to you if you install just one or both of them. These are not a part of the bed’s supporting construction.

Are children’s house beds stable enough?

YES, they are. Definitely. Both construction and material used are sufficiently solid and stable so that your children could fulfil the house beds’ potential. However, take into consideration that we primarily talk about beds whose main function is to ensure a good-quality sleep. They are no way indestructible or immortal.

Are your hanging chairs really natural?

Our hanging chairs are hand-weaved of willow twigs. With the aid of a special technique, these twigs are processed so that they were malleable. After that, we weave the chairs – using jute cords – either in round or oval shape. Our hanging chairs are unique in this kind of assortment because their competitors involve especially chairs made of artificial rattan.


Do you have products in stock?

We make a maximum effort to have most of our products in stock for you. We deliver home textiles, decorations, toys and lighting within 2 weeks. We deliver furniture and other products that we make by hand within a few weeks. Information about delivery times of each product is to be found on our e-shop website.

Might it happen that delivery times are extended?

Communication with our customers is extremely important to us. Therefore, we try to make sure that our customer gets all information in time and that he or she feels comfortable while communicating with us. If our suppliers are late with deliveries of material or if we have to deal with certain internal complications, which have a direct impact on delivery times, firstly we inform our customers about the situation and also suggest a clear solution

What if I buy something which is currently unavailable?

This situation is very rare. If it happened, we would inform the customer about his or her order and together we would try to come up with an alternative solution.


I want to shop at Benlemi, how do I make it?

Benlemi.com is an e-shop. All you need to do is to add products, that you are interested in, to cart. After that, you will be asked to provide us with some personal details, to choose a way of transport and payment and finally, to confirm the order. The Benlemi team will immediately start processing the order and will let you know. In case you do not receive any confirmation, contact our customer support. If you need to make an individual order that you cannot easily realize at home, we will make it for you. All you need to do is to specify your requirements, provide us with necessary details and that’s it!

Do I reserve the goods once I have bought it?

If you order products that we have in stock, your purchase is equal to reservation. Concerning custom-made products, you do not need any reservation. You will receive the goods in due course.

If I accidentally buy an unwanted product, can I return it?

We understand certain situations when you misclick or do not realize that you need a different product size. In this case, send us the undamaged and unused goods to this address: Sadová 121/4, 74601, Opava, Czech republic within 14 days and we will pay you the full price back on the bank account.


Is it possible to pay with a card?

We provide our customers with 3 options of payment – via bank transfer or payment gateways GoPay and PayPal. Concerning PayPal, you will be charged a fee of 2 €.


What kind of carriers can I choose from and how much does it cost?

We deliver the purchased goods to the addresses of our clients using a courier company Dachser. Delivery times depend on the availability of the goods. If we have the ordered goods in stock, we dispatch it the same day that the order was made. The price is 40 €.

May I track my parcel?

In case you need to be kept informed about your parcel, contact our customer support. We will provide you with a parcel number so that you could easily track your shipment online.


How to process a noticeably damaged package or shipment after being delivered by the carrier?

In case the package is noticeably damaged, check its content before acceptance from the courier. If you find out that the content is damaged as well, together with the carrier prepare a damage report which is necessary to solve a complaint. You are not obliged to accept the damaged parcel; in this case the courier will take it back. After that, please contact us so that we could solve the complaint and compensation for damage in the shortest amount of time.

What if I find out that the package is damaged after unpacking it?

Immediately contact our customer support. Fill in the complaint form and send it to us together with photos of damaged parts so that we exactly knew which parts had been damaged. After receiving all the documents needed, we will individually assess the goods’ condition and suggest a solution to the complaint. In most cases we send our customers new parts in exchange for the broken ones so that the customers weren’t discouraged to use the purchased products.

What is the warranty of goods?

The warranty is always listed on the product page. Does not apply to defects caused by normal wear and tear of the product. You have an extra extended warranty of up to 5 years for the highest quality furniture made by Benlemi.

What if I miss a certain part of the purchased product?

At that moment, contact our customer support which together with operating department will do their best to dispatch the missing part the same day or the following working day at the latest.


I want to sell Benlemi products.

Do you run an e-shop or brick and mortar specialized in design furniture or decorations and you want to sell our products? Check the page “wholesale cooperation” on our website where you fill in a form involving further information about your company. After that, you will be contacted by a person responsible for this matter with whom you will discuss detailed information about potential cooperation. We are looking forward to your demands.

I am a manufacturer and I would like to sell my products at Benlemi.com

We are very pleased with your interest; this kind of cooperation is acceptable for us. Check the page “wholesale cooperation” on our website where you fill in a form including a brief introduction of your production. We will give you a feedback as soon as possible.

May I cooperate with you if I am an influencer or a blogger?

In this case, contact us through e-mail at [email protected] and our colleague Žaneta will discuss cooperation opportunities with you.