5 tips for choosing a suitable children’s bed

… to protect your child from falling, to help your kid’s back grow properly and even to match the children’s room.

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1. Safe bed with a bed guard, side rail or panels

Each of us has certainly experienced a fall which caused scraped knees or a huge bump on the forehead. And because of these and other similar incidents (for example when the kid stumbles over his or her own legs or a doorsill), each bed needs to be provided with several safety measures. What shouldn’t the bed miss?

All bed edges rounded, levelled surface and the headboard both on top and in the bottom of the bed. Concerning younger children, it is appropriate to install side rails to their bed which would protect them from unexpected injuries. When your kid reaches a certain age, the side rails can be easily removed so that they weren’t bothering. 

Little children who are turning around like the hour hand while sleeping, should be provided with panels placed on the wall next to their bed. You can choose either pillows (but these can be easily thrown down) or protective pad in shape of braid. Choose your child’s favourite colour and you can be pretty sure that your little tot won’t get hurt at night and will be protected from a cold wall. 

2. What is the ideal bed height for your child?

To ensure the maximum of comfort and adequate relaxation, it is important to choose the right height of the sleeping site. Concerning smaller children, the height should be around 25 cm so that they did not have to clamber the bed with your help. The aim is to teach them to lie down on their own without any further assistance. 

Do not be afraid to support your child’s independence despite his or her early age. Our beds are based on the Montessori philosophy, which means that they are adapted to the evolutionary needs of your kid. 


Bed with a sleeping site at the height of about 45 cm is suitable for elder kids or even adults. However, the best option is to choose a bed which will grow as your child grows. As one of the most economical beds, parents tend to regard those that can be adjusted with the aid of additional bed legs. These bed legs can make the bed even 20 cm higher and as a result, a bed which was formerly bought for a five-year-old kid can be – in just a few minutes – turned into a bed for a schoolkid in which he or she can fall asleep another 5 years. 


 3. What is the ideal width of a children’s bed and how to maintain it?

Your child is growing up extremely fast and shoes you bought him or her one month ago do not seem to fit anymore? Is it exactly your case? If so, it is better to think about finance in advance and rather choose a wider bed straight away. It will always be enough spacious for your little tot, even if he or she starts going to school. Moreover, you will be able to save some money which can be invested in a nice family trip.

One of the advantages of the wooden bed is its maintenance. Each parent has certainly experienced a situation when the kid – having dirty hands – touched everything which was around. In case of dust or any other dirt, it is more than enough to use a moistened small cloth to clean it properly.

4. Orthopaedic children’s mattress for a healthy growth

Pediatric orthopaedist will confirm the statement that the bed’s most important part is the mattress. To avoid dealing with growth deformities or scoliosis of your offspring, choose a mattress with a higher level of toughness. Parents often praise 2-sided mattresses which offer a huge advantage – in the evening, you will make your child fall asleep on the orthopaedic side, whereas in the morning, you can turn it over to the softer side which is better for playing.

 Every parent knows that there are certain “accidents” happening from time to time due to having small children. For example, your child can wet the bed or get the bed dirty with secretly brought food. To avoid problems with cleaning, get a mattress with an overlay which can be easily taken off and washed in the washing machine even at 60 degrees. Wash it together with the bedlinen to get rid of all germs and stains at once.



Even though we are sorry about that, your child can be allergic. In this case, without any hesitation, opt for an anti-allergy mattress. These mattresses are mostly made of PUR foam and tend to contain different extracts, for example Aloe Vera extract, which make the mattress antibacterial, too. Thanks to this, your kid will be protected from mites and mildew and the sleep will be free of health risks. 


67682925_2419653298286461_8264279361184595968_n5. Storage space under the children’s bed which will help mummies

Let’s be honest with yourselves. Do you always manage to clean up toys spread all over the floor by your kid? Even a mommy who is wearing a Superman suit under her T-shirt, cannot always handle it. Moreover, we all know that it is quite impossible to fully rely on the kid to keep an eye on tidiness because kids tend to be easily disrupted – noticing a flying bird outside might be enough. 

In the evening, daddy comes home and steps on the forgotten Lego brick. It is certainly no surprise that it hurts a lot, and he is never too far from swearing. Avoid getting into similar situations and teach your child to be more self-reliant. All you need to do is to provide your kid with suitable furniture which is adapted to be used by both parents and their children (as the main users).

Whether we talk about trucks, dolls or dirty socks. Cut your or your child’s time spent on housework and get yourself a practical storage drawer under the bed. You can easily pull it out and then it returns to its former position by itself, which means that it is easy to be used by children, too.


Source of some photos: IG @sandra_parmova