How and why Benlemi helps?

All of us are responsible for society where we live 


Together we donate blood regurarly,

15 l
We have donated
more than 15 l of blood.



kluci celek

we separate every piece of the waste,  

Every day of the year we separate the waste
in every section of Benlemi company.


 we pack our goods
into recyclable paper only,


Thanks to recyclable packaging
no other dump will be created.

 provoz celý
 vyroba 2  

we paint only with natural
ecological colors

All our varnishes are 100% ECO
and also suitable for allergy suffers.

and we take care of our nature. 

187 m2
We have helped to land 187 square meters
of forests and wetlands.

 provoz celý


 What about you? Give a helping hand with us