Exclusive Customer Benefits

Vybavte svůj domov ručně dělaným nábytkem

Equip your house or flat with hand-made furniture

We carefully choose only high-quality wood, take care of it properly and also varnish it – all by ourselves.

Každý kus je jedinečný originál

Each peace is unique

Each peace made by our hands is unique. Therefore, we are sure that no one else has the same chair as you. Even though he or she wants it.

Získejte prodlouženou záruku na 3 roky

Get an extended three-year warranty

We have the maximum faith in the quality of our furniture. Therefore, we will provide you with a three-year warranty no matter what product you choose.

Zařiďte pokoj svého dítěte dle MONTESSORI

Equip your child’s room according to the MONTESSORI philosophy

We are not only joiners and designers but responsible parents as well. Therefore, we have created a Montessori product line of beds and wardrobes. These support the feeling of safe home, teach children how to be creative and how to keep their room clean.

Pomozte přírodě společně s námi

Together with us help nature

We're recycling. Together we donate blood. We paint only by ecological paints and pack in boxes made of recycled materials. So when you choose anything beautiful from Benlemi, you help with us.

Prostě patřete do rodiny Benlemi.cz

Simply belong to the Benlemi family

We make only high-quality furniture that we would buy ourselves. Moreover, we are a part of one big family... literally. Both head of our family and its leaders are represented by two brothers – Michal and Petr.