Story of Benlemi Family

We are establishing a tradition
of Czech children's furniture production

"In the Benlemi family, we produce such furniture that does not stand against the wall like a soldier, but is a play partner for the child. When developing each model, we think that it must develop children's personality and, above all, awaken their sincere playfulness in children. And for generations."

Michael and Peter. Two dads, brothers and founders of the Benlemi brand


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We breathe life into the products in the joinery and sewing shop.

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We are your right hand throughout your little one's childhood.

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This will be confirmed by over 30,000+ satisfied parents and children.



The head of the entire Benlemi family, Michal Pomp, got an idea in 2015. He wanted to treat families all over the world to something exceptional, furniture made from natural materials.

In the same year, Michal already introduced the first Benlemi products to the world. They were hand woven natural willow wicker hanging chairs that are still popular today.



In the spring of 2016, our Michal started making children happy all over the Czech Republic. He set out to create cottage beds from solid wood.



In February 2017, Michal joined forces with his brother Petr. Since then, Benlemi has expanded with a spacious central warehouse, a paint shop and new offices.


Now there are about 30 of us in the family. We all get along and can make fun of each other. But we always take our work seriously.

We have satisfied customers and loyal business partners at home, in Slovakia and throughout Europe. Together we create playful furniture that will last for generations.

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Take a look under our hands


Who does make you smile?

Petr Pomp

Co-owner of the company

Petr gives a clear rhythm to the entire operation. He knows about every chip that falls by the wayside and checks the operation of the warehouse and customer care.


Michal Pomp

Company owner

This is the one that Benlemi lovingly founded. Still, that's right. Now it sets the right direction for the development of products and, in fact, everything that happens here.

Michal Pomp

Michal Pomp

Majitel společnosti

To je ten, který Benlemi s láskou založil. Ještě, že tak.

Petr Pomp

Petr Pomp

Spolumajitel společnosti

Petr dává jasný rytmus celému provozu. Ví, o každé třísce, která padne vedle a kontroluje chod na skladu i péči o zákazníky.

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Iva Michalcová



krejcikova (1)

Žaneta Ritzka Krejčíková

Marketing manager



Daniel Stoklasa

Sales representative



Jana Víchová

Customer care



Zuzana Baranová

Customer care



Lenka Vítková

Product designer


honzik frank

Jan Frank

Product developer



Veronika Pompová

Social network administrator, graphic artist



Nikola Lefendová

Product administrator



Lenka Pompová

Product administrator



Eduard Vítek

Specialist in pet products



We are all responsible for the world we live in. That is why one of our 3 missions is to integrate the help of society into the daily life of Benlemi.

Together we go to donate blood, organize regular Christmas collections or get involved in planting forests.

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