Montessorri education: a funny way to raise a self-reliant and clever child

The common way of education needs to be urgently changed. Do you feel it, too? The Montessori learning is a proven solution which will be enjoyable not only for your kids but for you as well. Moreover, you can easily start at home and right now.

diteGet to know the Montessori philosophy so that your child grew up into a unique person 

4688-4_dreveny-domcekove-regal-regee-bielyWould you love to have a clever and self-reliant kid that will be developing while doing any kind of activity? Learning can be playing at the same time in every situation, even during putting up clothes on a coat-stand, which is tailored to your little tot, or while you are getting your child fall asleep in his or her little bed. Help your child get ready for the real life so that he or she could not only accept somebody’s orders but also think independently and solve different situations.

The Montessori philosophy is based on understanding of children’s needs that are unique. Each person tends to have a couple of emotional moments in his or her life which are perfect to start a specific stage of development. For example, when there is the first intention of reading or interest in numbers, it should not be ignored just because certain “rules” claim that your child is not ready yet. It is necessary to listen to your kid and your kid’s individual needs.

If your child loses the right time, it will be much more difficult for him or her to start later. Do not leave it to chance!

rodina-2What is the Montessori education based on? 

  • Keep in mind that you are not any commander or an untouchable authority but a lifestyle guide for your kid.
  • Enhance your child’s self-confidence and self-reliance leading to the development of his or her way of thinking and personality.
  • Let your child choose the place and aids for learning or playing with respect to his or her age and psychological development.
  • Do not take mistakes negatively but regard them as motivation to practise even more.
  • Proportionately praise your kid even for tasks that you take for granted. For instance, lining up toys on the shelf is a great success! 
  • Admonishing or punishments are not necessary in terms of upbringing. However, provide your child with autonomy only if he or she can handle it.

It is always necessary to approach your child sensitively and sympathetically while preparing him or her for the next life. Turn yourself into a mentor who can always be asked for help by the child but – at the same time – the child can deal with majority of things by him- or herself. Supporting the kid’s natural development of the way of thinking or independence is affected not only by the choice of school but the environment at home is also crucial.

detsky pokoj benlemi
point6How to bring the Montessori’s learning through play into your home? 

At the very beginning of the change, you do not need to buy any complicated aids or special toys; we can see its basics in simple and practical things, such as the original and hand-made furniture – your child can use it from the cradle until the rest of his or her life (depending on what it actually is, of course).

For example, you can start with a comfortable house bed, which is great for supporting your kid’s imagination, or even a coat-stand or a cabinet with shelves which can be easily reached by your child whenever needed. As a result, nothing will hold your child back from keeping his or her room clean, which leads to greater independence. 

There are many books and materials which you can use to learn about Montessori philosophy in more detail. We provided you with some basic information why to try this kind of education and we also insist on the statement that your child deserves your trust.