3 levels of product quality here at Benlemi

Hundred people, hundred tastes. That's why we divided the products into three quality levels, so you can easily find what suits your wishes and needs.

We understand that it can be harder to choose the right product when you can't "feel" it. Thanks to the quality levels, you will immediately get your bearings and be sure that the product meets your expectations. In terms of appearance, material and price.



Both you and your wallet will be happy with these products. You can quickly get what you need right now and it will serve you for a few years.

+ A pleasing design that can be found in many homes.

+ Simple construction and material meeting basic requirements.

+ A surprising price that is guaranteed to please your family budget.


If you are hesitating where to go, choose the golden middle path. Products with the best price-quality ratio, which will serve you reliably for several years with regular care.

+ An unobtrusive design that will refresh your interior and will combine beautifully with you.

+ High-quality natural materials with a longer lifespan.

+ A more sophisticated construction that you can easily assemble.


Design products that meet your most demanding demands for material and appearance. Their composition is very intuitive. And if you give them enough care, they will last you a lifetime.

+ Own unique design created by professional product designers.

+ The highest quality natural materials that have passed a strict selection or come from our own production.

+ Smart construction, precisely worked out to the last detail.