How to choose a suitable mattress? Difference between Earth and Ocean

Mattress is the key factor of having a good-quality sleep. Its quality really matters, which will be reflected by your morning appearance – whether you will be as fresh as a daisy or completely aching.

One of the most important aspects, while choosing a mattress, is its toughness which plays a crucial role for each of us. Let’s compare two products originating from our workshop that are made of a modern high-quality material – cold foam. 

Which one will be more suitable for you? 

zdravi Earth Mattress

matrace earthThe mattress Earth is a high-quality health care mattress which is made of two cold foams provided with antibacterial solution and different level of toughness on each side. By turning it over, you can choose a side which you currently prefer, and which will best fit your needs. The cold foam consists of large pores which ensure perfect bleeding and heat conduction. It offers great orthopaedic and thermoregulation features which are valuable in every season of the year. The material used keeps away bacteria, mildew and mites. Moreover, it will perfectly fit your body and will retain its shape for a long time.

A part of the mattress Earth is a luxury overlay which is essential for its maintenance. It is filled with curative Aloe Vera extracts which tend to have antibacterial effects making the mattress suitable even for asthmatic and allergic people. The overlay surface is pleasant to touch, gentle to your skin and it enables perfect relaxation during the sleep. Furthermore, it will retain its fineness even after washing.

What are the main advantages of the mattress Earth?

  • Air-permeable;
  • orthopaedic;
  • antibacterial;
  • keeping away mildew and mites;
  • gentle to your skin
  • shape retention;
  • elasticity
  • long lifetime expectancy
  • on a scale of toughness (1-6), the level of toughness of the black side is 4, the red one is 5. 

zdravi  Ocean Mattress

matarce oceanThis comfortable mattress is made of cold foam and consists of two layers with a different level of toughness. By turning it easily over, you can choose the side and toughness which suit you the best. Cold foam cells are arranged in a bigger distance from each other and therefore, the foam becomes firm and ensures perfect bleeding which protects it from mildew, bacteria and mites. It will be perfectly adapted to your body curves and it is characterized by shape retention, long lifetime expectancy and, what is more, it is orthopaedic. It also serves as a great support to your muscles and backbone, which provides you with adequate rest of your organism. Its major strengths involve faultless elasticity and air-permeability, which will make you feel comfortable and your sleep will be happy and calm.

The mattress Ocean is equipped with a high-quality antibacterial overlay containing curative Aloe Vera extract which has a positive impact on your health. Its protective bag is highly air-permeable, pleasant to touch and easy to maintain. Thanks to its composition, it is also suitable for allergic and asthmatic people. 

What are the main advantages of the top-quality health care mattress?

  • High volume weight;
  • air-permeability;
  • perfect elasticity;
  • preventing the spread of bacteria and mites;
  • shape retention
  • long lifetime expectancy
  • orthopaedic
  • on a scale of toughness (1-6), the level of toughness of the blue side is 5, the striped one is 5.